Amazon Come Together
Rumble Inca Jungle
PERUVIAN AMAZON october 2020

Music/culture/adventure expedition following the exploits and camaraderie of a motley band of eXtreme musicians on an odyssey into local culture and music of Peru's Amazon jungle heralding those who work to save the rainforest. Impromptu gigs with jungle musicians ending with a concert to claim the

Guinness World Record for The Longest Continuous Concert
By A Single Group.

Optional Pre - Rumble Inca Jungle Excursion: optional for those who wish to arrive into Iquitos a week before the Rumble to explore remote primary rainforest.
• Flight to Iquitos, a Peruvian port city on the Amazon River and gateway to the jungle lodges and tribal villages of the northern Amazon.
Lat/lon -3.715043 -73.245375

International flights to Peru first fly into Lima; depending on where people come from, some may arrive Lima the previous night and we can arrange an overnight hotel or they wait at the airport for early morning flight to Iquitos. Others arrive early morning into Lima and a connecting flight to Iquitos. Afternoon to settle in to our hotel.
Lat/lon -3.715043 -73.245375

Visit to local native community; arts and music with the children.
The commnunity natives live on tributaries of the upper Amazon River, 90-miles south-west of Iquitos, Peru. They, with their neighboring communities, own 1-million acres of protected rainforest, land that is free from timber and oil consortiums, nearly 90% unexplored. Conservation and protection of their ancestral rainforest is of their highest priority. Over generations they have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the plants and animals.

• Jungle Survival!
Off into the jungle for a 4-day/3-night experience to challenge our Spirit and learn from the Spirits of the Jungle.

SURVIVAL: With expert naturalists and jungle survival experts (with minimal but adequate supplies) under the stars of the Southern Hemisphere with the sights and sounds of true primary jungle - on a Hands-on Learning Experience:
  • Construction of lean-to, how to select a site, the woods to use to set up shelter; how to use irapay palm fronds to rainproof.
  • Construction of fire: wood that will have hard, dry interior even when waterlogged; use of copal resin as fire starter.
  • Sources of pure water: Immature yarina fruits, puca huasca vine and cano huasca vine.
  • Sources of food: Palm fruits, palm hearts from Euterpe and Iriartea genera, edible beetle grubs, legumes, especially from Inga genus, using barbasco sap to stun fish, canabrava to build fish trap, tamshi vine to make animal snare.
  • Raft construction: Recognition of balsa wood, tied together with tamshi vine, oar from remo caspii.
  • Mosquito repellent made from Nasutitermes termites.
  • Weapons: Fishing spear from cumaceba, bow from cashapona, string from chambira, arrowshafts from bamboo and arrowheads from cumaceba.
  • Survival Medicines: Venomous snakebite--piripiri leaves, venomous insect--curarina bark, fever--sanango root, disinfectant--pichirina sap, field dressing--fiber inside bark of machimango, antiparasitical--oje sap, dysentery or gastrointestinal distress--hierba luisa leaves.

End of Pre - Rumble Inca Jungle Excursion: return to Iquitos and meet up with those arriving for the Rumble Inca Jungle.

*Included: All land & river transport, most meals (vegi ok), English-speaking naturalist guides, accommodations, entrance fees to attractions. Fitness Moderate with opportunities for strenuous hikes.

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Best of all, your participation goes to support our communities and humanitarian projects around the world; We have already help fund the building of an orphanage in Nepal and are working with native communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Rumble Inca Jungle

2020 Music/culture/adventure following the exploits and camaraderie of a motley band of eXtreme musicians on an odyssey into Amazon jungle.

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